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Berengaria Pouch Gallery

The Berengaria pouch is loosely based on the effigy of Berengaria, Richard the Lion Heart's wife. Based on many early middle ages, historical, and medieval purses or pouches, the Berengaria pouch is a slim looking pouch but when opened it is has a large volume. 

The Berengaria pouch features a wood buttoned belt loop for easy removal, beaded draw strings to fasten the mouth closed, and a loop and wood button closure. This pouch measures 7 inches wide by 9 inches tall when opened.  The lid and belt loop are brown, the bag color is yellow gold or like a deer or elk hide and is made from a deer tanned cow hide.

Berengaria Pouch  $40  

Shown in Brown, closed, from a 1 1/2 inch Belt. This pouch has a wood button and belt strap that allows the wearer to remove the pouch with the button without taking off the belt.

Shown in Brown the pouch is kept closed by a loop of leather around a wood button. Note the beads on leather laces which keep this heavily gusseted pouch slim when wearing.

Important Note on Colors

I can not promise or guarantee shades of color or patterns in the leather and texture. I will use the best material possible to maintain the look, hand, and color of each pouch shown. The pouch you receive may vary from the pouches shown!

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