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Dordrecht Purse Gallery

The "Dordrecht Purse" is named for the the site this example was found.  In Purses in Pieces, Olaf Goubitz details many purses or pouches from the middle ages.   It is a fine and informative book I suggest you add to your library.  Named by him as a Girdle Purse, this pouch uses variation I, which is the most complex and distinctive.  It has two interior compartments, on on the front bag under the lid and one in the rear bag, and 3 exterior baglets or pouchlets with draw strings between the two main pouch bodies.

The Dordrecht Purse body is made of cow leather and deer hide and the draw string and pouchlets or baglets are made of deer. It also features a period brass buckle cataloged in Dress Accessories.

The body of the pouch measures 9 inches wide by 8 inches high, will accommodate a full checkbook, and fits on a 2 1/2 inch belt.

Dordrecht Purse $115         


Important Note on Colors

I can not promise or guarantee shades of color or patterns in the leather and texture. I will use the best material possible to maintain the look, hand, and color of each pouch shown. The pouch you receive may vary from the pouches shown!