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Handcrafted leather belt pouches based on historical examples found in period illumination or archeological evidence. Also known as bags or wallets. We offer pouches for Viking, Anglo Saxon, Norman, Middle Ages or Medieval period or times, renaissance, late period, 14th Century, Tudor, Renaissance fairs, living history, and historical reenactment from the middle ages. Every pouch is in stock and ready to ship out priority mail!

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Click here to go to the Goubitz Purse Page

Goubitz Purse

Click here for Dordrecht Purse Page

Dordrecht Purse

Click here to go to the 15th Century Pouch Page

15th Century Pouch

Click here for Bollock Pouch Page

Bollock Pouch

Click here to go to the Hawking bag Page

Medieval Hawking Bag, pouch,  or satchel

Click for medieval military Pouch Page

Medieval Military Pouch

Click here to go to the Campaign Pouch Page

Campaign Pouch

Click here to go to the Frame Pouch Page

Frame Pouch

Click here for 14th Century Pouch Page

14th Century Pouch

Click here to go to the Sutton Hoo Pouch Page

Sutton Hoo Pouch

Click here to go to the Berengaria Pouch Page

Berengaria Pouch

Click here to go to the Soldier's Pouch Page

Soldier's Pouch

Click here for Falconer's Pouch Page

Falconer's Pouch

Click here to go to the Illumination Pouch Page

Illumination Pouch

Click here for Kidney Pouch Page

Kidney Pouch

New medieval, middle ages, purse, bag or pouch coming soon!

All pouches in stock!

Important Note on Colors

I can not promise or guarantee shades of color or patterns in the leather and texture. I will use the best material possible to maintain the look, hand, and color of each pouch shown. The pouch you receive may vary from the pouches shown!

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To find Hardware and fittings

To see a large selection of pouch hardware, buckles, and fittings go to Raymond's Quiet Press.  15th Century Pouch fittings and Sutton Hoo Pouch fittings shown courtesy of Raymond's Quiet Press.

Raymond's Quiet Press. LTD.
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