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Sutton Hoo Pouch Gallery

The Sutton Hoo pouch is based on the fittings and trappings found in the Sutton Hoo Ship Burial. It is characteristic of early Anglo Saxon and Viking pouches from 500-1000 A.D..  Only the lid and enamel pieces survived.  This pouch is detailed in "Aspects of Anglo-Saxon Archaeology, Sutton Hoo and other discoveries" by Rupert Bruce-Mitford. The Sutton Hoo pouch is a good example of Viking, Germanic, and Anglo Saxon purses & belt pouches from the dark ages.

The Sutton Hoo pouch measures (not including belt loops) 6 1/2 high and 11 inches wide at the bottom, is made of 4 oz leather, and comes in black or brown. 

Enameled pieces are available from Raymond's Quiet Press and are not included.

This pouch is being redesigned and a grand collaboration will result in a spectacular pouch coming soon with a plated and plaqued solid lid with hinges like seen below.

Color    Sutton Hoo Pouch Plain $35    

Shown in White and Closed.   Also available in Black and Brown.



Sutton Hoo Pouch Lid

From "Aspects of Anglo-Saxon Archaeology, Sutton Hoo and other discoveries" by Rupert Bruce Milford.. Note the use fine work of this pouch from the 6th century.


Important Note on Colors

I can not promise or guarantee shades of color or patterns in the leather and texture. I will use the best material possible to maintain the look, hand, and color of each pouch shown. The pouch you receive may vary from the pouches shown!

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