Gear Motor and CAM Timer-Motor Switch Assembly.

The primary drive motor is a Bodine 115 VAC 1/70 hp gear motor with 290 rpm output as shown in the image above to the upper right (ignore the little compressor air pump in the background--it is not part of this auction).  The timing motor that drives the plastic CAM is the silver colored puck-on-edge, below the black Bodine gearmotor.  The CAM and switches are on the left side of the mounting wall as shown close-up in the image below.  The whole assembly is mounted to an insulating plexiglass type plate where there is considerable room to mont apparatus to be driven by the gear motor.


It should be pretty easy to cut your own CAMs on a band saw or mill to customize the timing.  If you mill them or stack two half thickness, you can have the right and left switches operate with independent timing profiles.  The currently appear to be set for different dwell or delay times.

This should be an outstanding item for someone who needs to run a small gear motor on and off based on the shape of a timer motor CAM.

Condition looks good used.  Basic operation verified--i.e., the gearmotor and timing motor ran.

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