Updated January 2, 2019
Price Increase Due To Rising Costs
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Cross-driiled Oil Spray Bar Banjo Bolts:

- 2 brand new BMW "improved style" banjo bolts, cross-drilled for safety wire

- 4 brand new BMW crush washers

- 0.041" stainless steel safety tie-wire

- instructions

- free shipping within the US (48 States)

$32.50 (price increase effective January 2, 2019)

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M70 V-12 engines need 8 banjo bolts to do both heads,

$98.50 for 8 bolts, 16 crush washers, wire, free postage (48 States).


PayPal happily accepted.


Mail your existing bolts to me and I will cross-drill them and return them with new crush washers & tie wire per above with free return postage: $10.00 for 2 bolts, 4 washers, wire.

$25.00 for V-12's, 8 bolts, 16 new washers, wire, & free return postage (1st Class US Mail). FedEx® express or USPS overnight return delivery available per current rate.

Inquire via e-mail:

The cam/rocker arm oil spray bar bolts have a history of loosening on the m30 big-6 and the m70 V-12 BMW engines, causing reduced or loss of lubrication which leads to premature wear/failure of the cam lobes, rocker arms, valve stems. BMW issued a "fix" with a revised bolt with a patch of Tuflok® nylon thread locker applied to them but even when used and installed under the best conditions, they too can loosen on their own before the next valve clearance adjustment is due. Put your mind at ease and solve the problem once and for all by using banjo bolts with cross-drilled heads, and safety tie wire:

The bolt heads I provide will have a 0.052" hole cross-drilled thru them, with a generous chamfer at the hole edges to prevent wear on the wire.

Corner-drilled holes available by special request (e-mail). Add $5.00 per bolt to your order

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