20-pin Diagnostic Socket -- e32 & e34 + most others


The SI lights can be reset and the socket can also be used as a remote starter. Click here to link to Stefan Borch's site for details on how reset the SI lights. Click here for alternate link if page doesn't load.


If Stefan's link is broken, then try this:


1. Remove diagnostic cap

2. Turn ignition switch to position "2"

3. Insert jumper wire (do at your own risk, good idea to have a low amperage fuse in-line with the jumper wire. BE VERY CERTAIN you are jumping the right sockets. I will not be held responsible for any fried electronics if this is not done properly!

4. Wait 4 seconds for an oil light reset, wait 10 seconds for service light reset

5. Remove jumper wire and put the diagnostic cover back on

6. Turn ignition off & turn the ignition on again to see if the reset "took".


Jumper wire:

(Note: jumping pins 11 & 14 works as a remote starter, comes in handy when adjusting the valves.)

gale, 92 735i

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