1997 Nissan Quest

Obtaining Check Engine Light Codes

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9-10-2001, revised 6-14-2002

The Check Engine Light (CEL) codes can be obtained without a trip to the shop or dealer, & without an expensive code reader. The Haynes manual for Mercury Villager/Nissan Quest covers this on page 6-4. To extract the stored codes:

1. Turn the ignition off

2. Unplug the diagnostic plug nearest the starter solenoid

3. Turn the ignition on but don't start the engine

4. Reference this diagram to determine which pins to jumper

5. Plug the jumper wire into the indicated pins in the plug & socket for exactly 2 seconds, no more, no less, and remove the jumper wire

6. The CEL should start blinking, a series of long flashes followed by a series of short flashes. It will repeat the cycle so don't worry about rushing back to the cockpit to get the codes. When the flash sequence repeats, count the number of blinks for the longer duration flashes, & count the number of blinks for the shorter flashes. This will give you the code, for example 12 long flashes followed by 5 short flashes is fault code "1205" which is the transmission "Line Pressure Solenoid" and/or circuit fault (96 & newer).

1993-1995 OBD-I fault codes:

1st digit = number long flashes & 2nd digit = number of short flashes

11 Camshaft position sensor (CMP) or circuit fault
12 Mass air flow sensor (MAF) " "
13 Engine coolant temp sensor (ECT)
14 Vehicle speed sensor (VSS)
21* Ignition signal fault
31 Powertrain control module (PCM)
32 EGR control solenoid
33* O2 sensor
34* Knock sensor (KS)
35 EGR temp sensor (EGRT)
43 Throttle position sensor (TPS)
45 Fuel injector leak
51 Fuel injector signal fault
55* No faults, system normal

* indicates CEL doesn't illuminate but stored fault code can still be retrieved

1996-on OBD-II fault codes:

0101 Camshaft position sensor (CMP) or circuit fault
0102 Mass airflow (MAF) sensor and/or circuit fault
0103 Electronic coolant temperature (ECT) sensor fault
0104 Vehicle speed sensor (VSS) fault
0111 EVAP purge flow monitor fault (California)
0114 System adaptive fuel too rich
0115 System adaptive fuel too lean

0201 Ignition signal primary circuit fault
0203 Closed throttle position switch fault
0205 Air idle control (IAC) valve fault
0213 EVAP system small leak (California)
0214 EVAP canister purge volume control valve fault (California)
0215 EVAP canister vent control valve closed (California)

0301 PCM read only memory (ROM) test error
0302 EGR insufficient flow detected
0303 Upstream heated O2 sensor fault
0304 Knock sensor (KS) fault
0305 EGR temperature (EGRT) sensor fault
0306 EGR excessive flow detected
0307 Closed loop control fault
0309 EVAP canister vent control valve open (California)
0311 Vacuum cut valve bypass valve fault (California)
0312 EVAP canister purge control valve solenoid valve fault (California)

0401 Intake air temperature (IAT) sensor
0402 Fuel tank temperature sensor (California)
0403 Throttle position sensor (TPS)
0409 Upstream heated O2 sensor slow response fault
0410 Upstream heated O2 sensor rich shift monitor fault
0411 Upstream heated O2 sensor lean shift monitor fault
0412 Upstream heated O2 sensor high voltage fault

0503 Upstream heated O2 sensor fault
0505 No faults
0510 Downstream heated O2 sensor maximum voltage monitor fault
0511 Downstream heated O2 sensor minimum voltage monitor fault
0512 Downstream heated O2 sensor high voltage fault
0514 EGR high flow detected

0603 Cylinder no. 6 misfire detected
0604 Cylinder no. 5 misfire detected
0605 Cylinder no. 4 misfire detected
0606 Cylinder no. 3 misfire detected
0607 Cylinder no. 2 misfire detected
0608 Cylinder no. 1 misfire detected

0701 Multiple cylinder misfire detected
0702 Catalytic converter efficiency below threshold
0704 EVAP system pressure sensor fault (California)
0705 EVAP system leak (California)
0707 Downstream heated O2 sensor fault or slow response fault

0801 Vacuum cut valve bypass valve fault (California)
0802 Crankshaft postion sensor (CKP) fault
0803 Absolute pressure sensor (California)
0804 A/T control unit fault
0807 EVAP canister purge control valve solenoid valve fault (California)

0901 Upstream heated O2 sensor heater fault
0902 Downstream heated O2 sensor heater fault
0903 EVAP canister vent control valve circuit fault (California)
0905 Crankshaft postion sensor (CKP) fault and/or flywheel damage
0908 Insufficient coolant temperature for closed loop operation

1003 Transaxle range (TR) sensor fault
1005 EGR solenoid valve fault
1008 EVAP canister purge volume control valve fault (California)

1101 Transaxle range (TR) sensor fault
1102 Vehicle speed sensor (VSS) fault
1103 A/T first gear signal fault
1104 A/T second gear signal fault
1105 A/T third gear signal fault
1106 A/T fourth gear signal fault
1107 A/T TCC solenoid valve fault
1108 Shift solenoid A fault

1201 Shift solenoid B fault
1203 Overrun clutch solenoid fault
1204 TCC solenoid fault
1205 A/T line pressure solenoid fault
1206 Throttle postion sensor (TPS) to A/T signal fault
1207 Camshaft postion sensor (CMP) fault
1208 Transaxle temperature sensor fault

1302 Manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor switch fault

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