Removing Top Radiator Support Clips, e32


Here's what worked for me when removing the clips:

Insert a screwdriver into the slot & push down & tilt the top of the screwdriver forward. At the same time, apply thumb pressure to push the top of the radiator down, & with the index finger, push the front of the clip back. The notch on the bottom (green arrow) clips on the sheet metal edge underneath. The plastic support clip will now pull straight up out of its socket in the radiator.

The radiator sits in by gravity. With the top clips, coolant hoses, & transmission cooler lines (if applicable) removed, the radiator simply lifts straight out. Remove the fan shroud & fan/viscous clutch assembly first. Ref. Link (Click Here) for fan clutch removal. Check back in a few days & I'll show more jpegs of the lower radiator supports.

To install the clip, I simply pushed down & forward at the same time with a screwdriver in the slot.

Correctly installed clip:

If you're having trouble breaking them, then push the radiator down at the same time to compress the rubber support feet which are on the lower 1/3 of the radiator end caps.

Click Here for new clips.

gale, 92 735i

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