Headrest Cable Fix, e32, e34


If you can hear the headrest motor running but the headrest doesn't move, then it likely needs the "Cable Fix". Once the back of the seatback cover is removed, the fix is the same as for the "Seatback Twist", sort thru the body of the text to get to the specifics on shortening the outer black plastic cable sheath.

Remove the two phillips head screws on the lower sides of the seatback, the plastic screw head covers pry off with a knifeblade:

The headrest doesn't need to come off to do the repair. If you do want to remove the headrest, pull it straight up, it takes a bit of force to pull it out of the plastic sockets, but it will come out. It will click a few times from the ratchet detents as it comes out. You may have to recline the seatback some to get enough clearance below the headliner.

The rear seatback panel prys off by using fingertips under the bottom edge & then lower it a few inches to disengage the upper clips:

The headrest drive motor has to be removed to remove the cable. It's a tight squeeze but the screws can be removed with a 1/4" drive ratchet & short extension.

Reference the "Seatback Twist" section for shortening the outer cable tube. For the headrest, the inner cable protrudes much longer than for a seat cable. I shortend the outer cable about 1/4" & it worked fine.

gale, 92 735i

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