4hp22 A-Clutch Pack & Seals e32, e34


This is not a how-to instruction, I'm merely archiving it for information only and to show a few more pictures.

This repair has already been covered by two excellent resources:

1. Winfred's write-up (bimmer.info, e34 forum): Link

2. Transtec, Rebulder News, 3rd quarter 1994: Link

Side view of transmission with offending components highlighted:

Bell housing mounting bolts (12 of them on the inner bolt circle). The oil pump is the rusted cast steel component in the middle, which has the torque converter seal & bushing:

Bell housing removed:

Front drum & input shaft removed:

Back side of bell housing, pump bolts:


Crud in B-basket retainer ring groove:

A-pack (sits inside B-basket):

Ignore the red, it's an artifact of the camera flash:

Input shaft with old style steel seals:

New (improved) teflon seals:

Old torque converter bushing:

New bushing & seal installed:

Had to remove the tailshaft cover to repair a broken vent tube fitting (brass kludge dammit on top) so put a new output shaft seal in it while apart:

A look inside the back end with a few components labeled:

All buttoned up, torque converter installed, ready to go back in the car:



gale, 92 735i

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