E32 735i Lifting & Jackstand placement

If you don't have access to a lift or a pit, then putting all 4's on jackstands is the next best alternative. For the front, I place a floorjack with a block of wood on the pad, under the middle of the crossmember (I'm gonna get flamed for this), Ref. Photo-1. I place the jackstands on the "chassis" boxbeam, just behind its curvature, Ref. Photo-2. I lift the rear on the differential mount (I'm really gonna get flamed for this), Ref. Photo-3. I put the rear jackstands on the rear jacking pads, be careful the jackstand bracket clears the brakelines on the driver's side, Ref. Photo-4. Give the car a good push after it's up on all 4's to make sure it's solid.

gale, 92 735i

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