Misc. '00 Toyota UZJ-100 Jpeg's


Timing belt, water pump, thermostat (in-progress -- check back later for installation details)


1st evening (approx. 2 hrs invested) half-way apart:

2nd evening (approx. 2 hrs.) belt exposed:

Starter Contacts (oh, the horror!):

Intake manifold pulled as a unit with injectors, fuel rails, plumbing intact:

Starter -- they couldn't have burried it any deeper if they tried:


Worm's eye view of contacts, note ball bearing in center, don't tip upside down!

Contacts, old & new.

Part numbers:

narrow contact -- 28226-72010

wide contact -- 28226-54412

plunger -- 28235-54380




donco, '00 LandCruiser

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