Mother of the Unborn

Picture of Mary, Mother of the Unborn Miss Tidwell, an American artist, was inspired to paint this beautiful depiction of our Blessed Mother grieving over the millions of aborted babies. Normally, a picture like this would take her months to finish. She completed this one in two hours.

The stars around Mary's head represent the crown of the Woman of the Apocalypse (Revelation 12:1): 'A great portent appeared in heaven, a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars.' The large star is the "Star of Bethlehem". The rose colored ball in the lower left corner symbolizes the earth in turmoil. The glow of Mary's heart is an evident sign of her tremendous love for all her children, especially the most helpless of all.

The incessant weeping over this horrendous evil has blackened her lovely eyes . The baby's Guardian Angel seems to be both saddened over the death of his charge and grateful for the Blessed Mother's care and concern.

The baby bears the five wounds of our Precious Saviour. Both baby and Angel are weeping and the baby's hands are clasped in prayer.

The reason the Blessed Mother's hand and fingernails are dirty is that she has to scoop and dig out these precious babies from trash bins, garbage dumps, and as in Wichita, Kansas, from a pile ready to be burned with dead animals at their dog pound.


On occasions I have received emails asking me where they could buy Holy Cards with this picture on it and I didn't know. Well, I just bought this holy card at church and on the back it had

Distributer: American Life League
Po Box 1350
Stafford VA 22555
Price as of a card that I bought in February 2008:
$40. per 1000 or $7.50 per 100

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