1998 Albuquerque Dukes Roster (final version Sept 7, 1998 - End of Season)
compiled from various sources by Robert Smathers (roberts@nmia.com)

Manager:  Ron Roenicke
Pitching Coach: Claude Osteen
Hitting Coach: Jon Debus
Trainer: Matt Wilson

[ "DL" means the player is either on the Disabled List or Inactive List ]

Darrin Babineaux
Toby Dollar (DL?)
Bill Everly
Ignacio Flores (DL)
Matt Herges
Dan Hubbs (DL)
Mike Iglesias
Joe LaGarde (DL)
Matt Montgomery
Paul Morse
Billy Neal
J.J. Pearsall
Petie Roach (DL)
Ricky Stone
Jeff Williams

Henry Blanco
Brad Dandridge (DL?)
Casey Snow
David Steed

Cliff Anderson (DL)
Keith Johnson (DL)
Jack Jones
Dan Melendez (DL)
Adam Riggs (DL)
Steve Rodriguez (DL)
J.P. Roberge
Rich Saitta
Chip Sell (DL)

Kevin Gibbs (DL)
Garey Ingram (DL) 
Ramon Moreta
Scott Richardson
Willie Romero (DL)
Eric Stuckenschneider