1999 Albuquerque Dukes Broadcasters 1999 Albuquerque Dukes Broadcasters on 1050 KNML-AM

Russ Langer

Langer returns to KNML-AM to call exciting Dukes action.  He called the
Dukes games in 1998 on KZSS-AM and in 1997 on KNML-AM and KHTL-
AM.  He is in his fourth season of broadcasting Dukes games on the radio.

When Jim Lawwill announced his retirement after 14 years of broadcasting
Dukes baseball with Mike Roberts, Langer was named to join Roberts in
the broadcast booth.  Langer is no stranger to broadcasting minor
league baseball -- he was the voice of the Phoenix Firebirds for four
years before joining the Dukes radio team.  Langer is also no stranger
to Albuquerque -- he graduated from the University of New Mexico with a 
degree in Radio and TV Journalism.  He also was a broadcast producer
for KKOB-AM in the early 1980's.


Jim Lawwill

1998 marks Jim Lawwill's first season of calling Dukes games on
the Sports Animal 1050 KNML-AM and third consecutive year of 
broadcasting Dukes games on the radio since coming back from a
brief retirement.

After taking 1996 and 1997 off, Lawwill returned as a Dukes broadcaster
calling 1998 Dukes games on KZSS-AM rather than KKOB-AM where he had
called Dukes games with Mike Roberts for 14 years.

Lawwill is familiar to sports fans in New Mexico.  He is a longtime New Mexico
sports broadcaster.  In his television career, he announced University of
New Mexico Lobos football and basketball games, high school sports football
and basketball championship games, and even charity football games involving
police agencies.  His radio career has mainly been comprised of announcing
thousands of Dukes baseball games.

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