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Isotopes Park Photo Album


This is a view of most of the lower seating bowl, the Luxury Suites and Press
Level above the seating bowl, and the left-field "upper deck" as seen from 
behind the right-field wall.

View of Downtown Albuquerque
A view of downtown Albuquerque, as seen from the last row of the left-
field "Upper Deck" grandstand.  University Blvd. is the street in the picture.

View of Infield from Picnic Area
A view of the infield and the lower seating bowl, Luxury Suite level, 
and Press Level as seen from the picnic area.

A view of the main scoreboard as seen from the left-field "Upper Deck"
grandstand.  A video scoreboard is to the left with the linescore part of 
the scoreboard below it.  Another video scoreboard is to the right, 
surrounded by advertising that is currently being installed with the crane 
seen in the picture.

Scoreboard Closeup
A closeup of the linescore part of the scoreboard as seen from the
picnic area.  The linescore part is LED-lit and the time/temperature display below 
the linescore appears to be light bulbs.

The left-field "Upper Deck" Grandstand as viewed from the concourse 
on the right side of the field.

This is a view of the infield as best as could be captured by a camera
from the first row of the lower seating bowl.

Left-field view
The view of left field as seen from the last row of the left-field "Upper
Deck" grandstand.  The picnic area can be seen to the left of the 
scoreboard and the sloping hill in the field of play and the batter's eye 
can be seen to the right of the scoreboard.

Right-field view
A view of right field from the last row of the left-field "Upper Deck"
grandstand.  The lower seating bowl goes just about to the right-field 
foul pole and there is an elevated seating area in the right-field corner.

Isotopes Park sign
The big Isotopes sign as seen from outside the ballpark.

Front Gatess
The front gates of the stadium.  The finely-crafted blend of stainless 
steel and copper was fabricated by Albuquerque-based High Desert Forge.

A view of the first-base dugout.  It is amazing how good a view fans 
in the first few rows can get looking into the dugout and seeing the 
players milling around.

Bat/Helmet Rack
A view of the helmet rack and bat rack.  There is also a good closeup 
of the end of the bench to see how the bench was put together.

Concourse view to left field
A view of the left-field "Upper Deck" grandstand as viewed from the

concourse view of diamond
A view of the diamond and scoreboard as seen from the concourse.

View of center field
A view of center field as seen from the last row of the left-field "Upper
Deck" grandstand.  There is a sloping hill in deep center field that is in 
the field of play.  Some greenery and some green mesh make up the 
batter's eye. 

Center Field Hill close-up
A closer view of the sloping hill as seen from the picnic area.  The
crane in the picture is putting advertising on the scoreboard.  The sloping 
hill has about the same slope than the hill at Minutemaid Park in Houston.

Isotopes Park Exterior

A view of Isotopes Park from outside the stadium.

Isotopes Park Sign at Night

A view of the Isotopes Park sign at night.  There are no moving lights to the logo, just neon-lit.

Left-field stands

A side-view of the left-field "upper deck" along with the concourse below the stands

Club/Suite Levels

A closer look at the club seat and luxury suite levels.  A look into the concourse
area is seen underneath the club level seats.  A local restaurant concession stand has neon signage.

McKernan Hall Entry

The entry doors to McKernan Hall (provides Club and Suite and Press Level Entry).
The lobby area is named for former Albuquerque Dukes General Manager Pat McKernan.

Trivia Sign

There are several signs like this around the ballpark with an interesting
fact about the Dukes or Isotopes.

Sloping Hill View

A view from "up high" of the center-field sloping hill and batters eye.
The Albuquerque Technical Vocational Institute (TVI) campus is seen in the background.


A view of the multi-layered berm area located behind the right-field

Batters Eye

Looking through the batter's eye mesh towards the diamond.

Fly Ball Zone

Lots of these signs litter the Picnic Pavillion in left-field.  You
would think this would be common-sense but the Isotopes probably had to 
put these signs up for legal reasons.

Indoor Batting Cage

A view of the indoor batting cage.  There are two pitching mound/
home plate configurations that make up the indoor batting cage.

Manager's Office

This is the Isotope Manager's office/locker.  It is pretty spacious and
allows the manager to have a desk, a couch (not seen in this photo), a locker to hang up
uniforms and suits, and a television complete with cable television and a VCR.

Locker Room

This is the player's locker room.

View from Bench

This is a view of the field that you would get by properly sitting
on the dugout bench.  Now you can see why players would sit on top of
the "backrest" of the benches to get a better view of the action.

Rain Delay

Isotopes Park during a rain delay and eventual postponement
(April 4, 2004 Isotopes/Marlins Exhibition Game).

World Series Trophy

The "jewelry" the Florida Marlins brought with them to the Marlins/
Isotopes Exhibition Game on April 4, 2004.

Isotopes Bullpen Construction

Here is how the new Isotope Park bullpens looked while
under construction.

Orbit - Isotopes Mascot
Orbit, the Isotopes Mascot!

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