2002 Major League Baseball Media Guide

by Robert Smathers (roberts@nmia.com)

This is a guide to media outlets (flagship radio and television
stations) for the 30 Major League Baseball teams.  Announcers have also
been listed when verified for each rightsholder.

Information has been compiled from major league teams' public
relations departments and from broadcasters.  Any missing information
is due to the fact I have not been able to verify correct information
for the 2002 season, the team or broadcaster has not answered my
inquiry,  or I'm missing some more specific info (i.e. the
number of games broadcast by a specific broadcaster).

If you can help fill in the gaps, please email me at roberts@nmia.com.

Thanks to the following for submitting info to this year's guide:

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National Television and Radio
FREE TV: FOX Television 2006
Saturday Game Of The Week; American League Divisional Series; National League Divisional Series; National League Championship Series; American League Championship Series, All-Star Game, World Series; This Week In Baseball airings
Announcers: Play-by-Play: Joe Buck, Josh Lewin, Thom Brennaman, Kenny Albert Color: Steve Lyons, Tim McCarver  
CABLE TV: ABC Family  
American League Divisional Series, National League Divisional Series  
Announcers: Play-by-Play: Jon Miller, Chris Berman Color: Joe Morgan, Rick Sutcliffe  
Sunday Night Baseball, Wednesday Night Baseball doubleheaders, Monday night games, Wednesday afternoon games, Opening Day and Holiday baseball games, Baseball Tonight, Baseball2Day, Divisional Tie-Breaker Playoff Games; All-Star Home Run Derby and other All-Star Game related events
Announcers: Play-by-play: Dave O'Brien, Jon Miller, Bob Carpenter, Chris Berman, Dave Barnett, Dan Shulman Analysts: Tony Gwynn, Rick Sutcliffe, Jeff Brantley, Joe Morgan, Harold Reynolds, Dave Campbell, Tom Candiotti, Rob Dibble, Mike MacFarlane, Buck Showalter  
RADIO: ESPN Radio Network 2005
Sunday Night Baseball, Opening Day; Holidays; Saturdays; All-Star Game; "Pennant Radio" - 2 additional games each week in September; League Divisional Series; American League Championship Series; National League Championship Series; World Series
Announcers: Dan Shulman, Dave Campbell  

Anaheim Angels - A.L. West
FREE TV: KCAL-TV 9 40 Games 2005
CABLE TV: Fox Sports Net West 50 Games 2008
RADIO: KLAC-AM 570 (English) 162 Games 2003
RADIO: XPRS-AM 1090 (Spanish) 162 Games  
Announcers: Rory Markas (KLAC), Terry Smith (KLAC), Jose Mota (XPRS), Ivan Lara (XPRS), Steve Physioc (FSN-W, KCAL), Rex Hudler (FSN-W, KCAL)    

Arizona Diamondbacks - N.L. West
FREE TV: KTVK-TV 3 75 Games 2007
FREE TV: !MAS! 31 Games 2002
CABLE TV: Fox Sports Net Arizona 60 Games 2007
RADIO: KTAR-AM 620 (English) 162 Games 2007
RADIO: KSUN-AM 1400 (Spanish) 108 Games 2002
Announcers: Thom Brennaman (KTVK, FSN-A), Greg Schulte (KTAR, KTVK, FSN-A), Jim Traber (KTVK, KTAR, FSN-A), Rod Allen (FSN-A, KTAR), Joe Garagiola Sr (KTVK, FSN-A), Jeff Munn (KTAR), Miguel Quintana (KSUN), Oscar Soria (KSUN, !MAS!), Freddy Morales (!MAS!)    

Atlanta Braves - N.L. East
FREE TV: WTBS-TV 17 90 Games (as long as AOL-TW owns club)
CABLE TV: Fox Sports Net South 25 Games 2012
CABLE TV: Turner South 36 Games (as long as AOL-TW owns club)
RADIO: WSB-AM 750 (English) 162 Games 2004
RADIO: WWWE-AM (Spanish) 82 Games  
Announcers: Pete Van Wieren (TBS, Turner South, WSB), Don Sutton (TBS, Turner South), Joe Simpson (TBS, Turner South), Skip Caray (TBS, WSB, Turner South), Tom Paciorek (FSN-S), Dave Neal (FSN-S)    

Baltimore Orioles - A.L.East
FREE TV: WJZ-TV 13 / WNUV-TV 54 Baltimore, MD 68 Games 2002
FREE TV: WBDC-TV 50 Washington, DC 59 Games 2002
CABLE TV: Comcast SportsNet - Baltimore/Washington 89 Games 2006
RADIO: WBAL-AM 1090 162 Games 2004
Announcers: Jim Hunter (WBAL), Fred Manfra (WBAL), Tom Davis (WJZ/WNUV/WBDC), Mike Flanagan (WJZ/WNUV/WBDC, CSN-BW), Jim Palmer (CSN-BW), Michael Reghi (CSN-BW)    

Boston Red Sox - A.L. East
FREE TV: WFXT-TV 25 74 Games 2002
CABLE TV: New England Sports Network (NESN) 86 Games (partially owned by Red Sox)
RADIO: WEEI-AM 850 (English) 162 Games 2006
RADIO: WLYN-AM 1360 (Spanish) 162 Games  
Announcers: Sean McDonough (WFXT), Jerry Remy (WFXT, NESN), Don Orsillo (NESN), Joe Castiglione (WEEI), Jerry Trupiano (WEEI)

Chicago Cubs - N.L. Central
FREE TV: WGN-TV 9 68 Games (as long as Tribune owns Cubs)
FREE TV: WCIU-TV 26 6 Games 2002
CABLE TV: Fox Sports Net Chicago 65 Games 2008
CABLE TV: Fox Sports Net Chicago Plus 9 Games 2008
RADIO: WGN-AM 720 162 Games (as long as Tribune owns Cubs)
Announcers: Pat Hughes (WGN-AM), Ron Santo (WGN-AM), Chip Caray (WGN-TV, WCIU, FSN-C, FSN-C+), Joe Carter (WGN-TV, WCIU, FSN-C, FSN-C+), Dave Otto (FSN-C, FSN-C+)    

Chicago White Sox - A.L. Central
FREE TV: WGN-TV 9 29 Games 2006
FREE TV: WCIU-TV 26 25 Games 2002
CABLE TV: Fox Sports Net Chicago 90 Games 2009
CABLE TV: Fox Sports Net Plus / ChicagoLand Television 9 Games 2002
RADIO: WMVP-AM 1000 (English) 162 Games 2005
Announcers: John Rooney (WMVP), Ed Farmer (WMVP), Ken "Hawk" Harrelson (WGN, FSN-C, WCIU), Darrin Jackson (WGN, FSN-C, WCIU)    

Cincinnati Reds - N.L. Central
FREE TV: (none)    
CABLE TV: Fox Sports Net Ohio 85 Games 2004
RADIO: WLW-AM 700 162 Games 2002
Announcers: George Grande (FSN-O), Chris Welsh (FSN-O), Marty Brennaman (WLW), Joe Nuxhall (WLW)    

Cleveland Indians - A.L. Central
FREE TV: (none)    
CABLE TV: Fox Sports Net Ohio 150 Games 2004
RADIO: WTAM-AM 1100 162 Games 2006
Announcers: John Sanders (FSN-O), Rick Manning (FSN-O), Mike Hegan (FSN-O, WTAM), Tom Hamilton (WTAM), Matt Underwood (WTAM)    

Colorado Rockies - N.L. West
FREE TV: KWGN-TV 2 75 Games 2002
CABLE TV: Fox Sports Net Rocky Mountain 50 Games 2006
RADIO: KOA-AM 850 162 Games 2003
Announcers: Wayne Hagin (KOA), Jeff Kingery (KOA), Drew Goodman (KWGN, FSN-RM), George Frazier (KWGN, FSN-RM)    

Detroit Tigers - A.L. Central
FREE TV: WKBD-TV 50 42 Games 2002
CABLE TV: Fox Sports Net Detroit 99 Games 2007
RADIO: WXYT-AM 1270 162 Games 2006
Announcers: Ernie Harwell (WXYT), Mario Impemba (FSN-D), Kirk Gibson (FSN-D), Lance Parrish (WKBD), Jim Price (WXYT), Dan Dickerson (WXYT), Tom Paciorek (FSN-D), Frank Beckmann (WKBD), Ray Lane (WKBD)    

Florida Marlins - N.L. East
FREE TV: WPXM-TV 35 54 Games 2002
CABLE TV: Fox Sports Net Florida 96 Games 2010
RADIO: WQAM-AM 560 (English) 162 Games 2002
Announcers: Len Kasper (FSN-F, WPXM), Tommy Hutton (FSN-F, WPXM), Jon Sciambi (WQAM), Dave Van Horne (WQAM)    

Houston Astros - N.L. Central
FREE TV: KNWS-TV 51 64 Games 2002
CABLE TV: Fox Sports Net Southwest 74 Games 2009
RADIO: KTRH-AM 740 (English) 162 Games 2003
RADIO: KRTX-AM 980 (Spanish) 162 Games  
Announcers: Alan Ashby (KTRH), Milo Hamilton (KTRH), Bill Brown (FS-SW, KNWS), Jim Deshaies (FS-SW, KNWS, KTRH), Bill Worrell (FS-SW)    

Kansas City Royals - A.L. Central
FREE TV: KMBC-TV 9 15 Games 2002
FREE TV: KCWE-TV 29 37 Games 2002
CABLE TV: Fox Sports Net Midwest 30 Games 2002
RADIO: KMBZ-AM 980 162 Games 2003
Announcers: Denny Matthews (KMBZ), Ryan Lefebvre (KMBZ), Bob Davis (FSN-MW), Paul Splitorff (FSN-MW)    

Los Angeles Dodgers - N.L. West
FREE TV: KCOP-TV 13 50 Games 2004
CABLE TV: Fox Sports Net West 2 80 Games (as long as FOX owns the club)
RADIO: KXTA-AM 1150 (English) 162 Games 2002
RADIO: KWKW-AM 1330 (Spanish) 162 Games 2007
Note: English radio KFWB-AM 980 (for seasons 2003-2007)    
Announcers: Vin Scully (KCOP, FSW2, KXTA-AM), Ross Porter (KCOP, FSW2, KXTA-AM), Rick Monday (KCOP, FSW2, KXTA-AM), Jaime Jarrin (KWKW), Pepe Yniguez (KWKW)    

Milwaukee Brewers- N.L. Central
FREE TV: WCGV-TV 24 38 Games 2002
FREE TV: WISN-TV 12 12 Games 2002
CABLE TV: Fox Sports Net North - Wisconsin 80 Games 2003
RADIO: WTMJ-AM 620 162 Games 2002
Announcers: Daron Sutton (FSN-N), Bill Schroeder (FSN-N), Bob Uecker (WTMJ), Jim Powell (WTMJ)    

Minnesota Twins - A.L. Central
FREE TV: KSTC-TV 45 25 Games 2003
CABLE TV: Fox Sports Net North - Minnesota 105 Games 2002
RADIO: WCCO-AM 830 (English) 162 Games 2003
KCCO-AM 950 (Spanish)   2002
Announcers: Dick Bremer (FSN-N, KSTC), Bert Blyleven (FSN-N, KSTC), Dan Gladden (WCCO), Herb Carneal (WCCO), John Gordon (WCCO), Tony Oliva (KCCO), Edgar Lopez (KCCO)  

Montreal Expos - N.L. East
FREE TV: (none)    
CABLE TV: RDS 2 Games 2002
RADIO: CKAC-AM 730 (French)   2002
RADIO: CKGM-AM 990 (English)   2002
Announcers: Elliot Price (CKGM), Terry Haig (CKGM), Jacques Doucet (CKAC), Marc Griffin (CKAC)    

New York Mets - N.L. East
FREE TV: WPIX-TV 11 50 Games 2002
CABLE TV: Fox Sports Net New York 51 Games 2016
CABLE TV: MSG Network 50 Games 2016
RADIO: WFAN-AM 660 (English) 162 Games 2002
RADIO: WADO-AM 1280 (Spanish) 100 Games  
Announcers: Ted Robinson (WPIX, FSN-NY, MSG, WFAN), Gary Thorne (WPIX, MSG, FSN-NY, WFAN), Gary Cohen (WFAN), Tom Seaver (WPIX), Ralph Kiner (WPIX, MSG, FSN-NY), Howie Rose (FSN-NY, MSG), Fran Healy (FSN-NY, MSG), Bob Murphy (WFAN), Keith Hernandez (FSN-NY, MSG), EdColeman (pre/postgame host, WFAN), Matt Loughlin (pregame host, FSN-NY, MSG)    

New York Yankees - A.L.East
FREE TV: WCBS-TV 2 20 games 2004
CABLE TV: Yankees Entertainment and Sports Network (YES Network) 130 Games (partially owned by Yankees)
RADIO: WCBS-AM 880 (English) 162 Games 2006
RADIO: WADO-AM 1280 (Spanish)    
Announcers: Suzyn Waldman (YES), Fred Hickman (YES studio anchor), Michael Kay (YES, WCBS-TV), John Sterling (WCBS-AM), Paul O'Neill (YES pre and post-game analyst), Jim Kaat (YES, WCBS-TV), Ken Singleton (YES), Bobby Murcer (YES), Charley Steiner (WCBS-AM)    

Oakland Athletics - A.L. West
FREE TV: KICU-TV 36 51 Games 2003
CABLE TV: Fox Sports Net Bay Area 60 Games 2003
RADIO: KFRC-AM 610 162 Games 2005
Announcers: Bill King (KFRC), Ray Fosse (KFRC, FSN-BA), Ken Korach (KFRC), Greg Papa (FSN-BA)    

Philadelphia Phillies - N.L. East
FREE TV: WPSG-TV 57 45 Games 2002
CABLE TV: Comcast SportsNet - Philadelphia 104 Games 2015
CABLE TV: CN8 5 Games 2002
RADIO: WPEN-AM 950 162 Games 2004
Announcers: Harry Kalas (WPSG, CSN, CN8, WPEN), Chris Wheeler (WPSG, CSN, CN8, WPEN), Larry Andersen (WPSG, CSN, CN8, WPEN), Scott Graham (WPEN)    

Pittsburgh Pirates - N.L. Central
FREE TV: WCWB-TV 22 13 Games 2002
CABLE TV: Fox Sports Net Pittsburgh 88 Games 2007
RADIO: KDKA-AM 1020 162 Games 2006
Announcers: Lanny Frattare (KDKA, FSN-P, WCWB), Bob Walk (KDKA, FSN-P, WCWB), Steve Blass (KDKA, FSN-P, WCWB), Greg Brown (KDKA, FSN-P, WCWB)    

San Diego Padres - N.L. West
FREE TV: KUSI-TV 51 25 Games 2002
CABLE TV: Channel 4 Padres 115 Games 2011
TV: Televisa (Spanish) 45 Games  
TV: Cablemas (Spanish) 96 Games  
RADIO: KOGO-AM 600 (English) 162 Games 2003
RADIO: KURS-AM 1040 (Spanish) 162 Games  
Announcers: Matt Vasgersian (Channel 4 Padres), Mark Grant (Channel 4 Padres), Rick Sutcliffe (Channel 4 Padres), Jerry Coleman (KOGO), Ted Leitner (KOGO)    

San Francisco Giants- N.L. West
FREE TV: KTVU-TV 2 59 Games 2007
CABLE TV: Fox Sports Net Bay Area 59 Games 2012
RADIO: KNBR-AM 680 (English) 162 Games 2004
RADIO: KZSF-AM 1370 (Spanish) 81 Games  
Announcers: Jon Miller (KTVU, KNBR), Tim McCarver (KTVU), Duane Kuiper (FSN-BA, KNBR), Mike Krukow (FSN-BA, KNBR), Joe Angel (KNBR), Lon Simmons (KNBR), Amuary Pi Gonzales (KZSF), Erwin Higueros (KZSF)    

Seattle Mariners - A.L. West
FREE TV: KIRO-TV 7 33 Games 2002
CABLE TV: Fox Sports Northwest 107 Games 2010
RADIO: KIRO-AM 710 162 Games 2002
Announcers: Dave Niehaus (KIRO-TV, FSN-NW), Jay Buhner (KIRO-TV, FSN-NW), Rick Rizzs (KIRO-TV, FSN-NW), Ron Fairly (KIRO-TV, FSN-NW), Dave Henderson (KIRO-TV, FSN-NW), Dave Valle (KIRO-TV, FSN-NW)    

St. Louis Cardinals - N.L. Central
FREE TV: KPLR-TV 11 45 Games 2003
CABLE TV: Fox Sports Net Midwest 64 Games 2005
RADIO: KMOX-AM 1120 162 Games 2005
Announcers: Joel Meyers (KMOX), Mike Shannon (KMOX), Dan McLaughlin (KPLR, FSN-M), Al Hrabosky (KPLR, FSN-M), Rich Gould (KPLR), Joe Buck (FSN-M)    

Tampa Bay Devil Rays - A.L. East
FREE TV: WMOR-TV 32 48 Games 2002
FREE TV: WTSP-TV 10 9 Games 2002
CABLE TV: Fox Sports Net Florida 46 Games 2009
RADIO: WFLA-AM 970 (English) 162 Games 2004
RADIO: "La Ley Radio" AM 760 (Spanish)    
Announcers: Dewayne Staats (WTSP, FSN-F), Joe Magrane (WTSP, FSN-F), Todd Kalas (WTSP, FSN-F, WFLA), Paul Olden (WFLA), Charlie Slowes (WFLA), Ricardo Tavares ("La Ley Radio"), Enrique Oliu ("La Ley Radio")    

Texas Rangers - A.L. West
FREE TV: KDFW-TV 4 10 Games 2009
FREE TV: KDFI-TV 27 65 Games 2009
CABLE TV: Fox Sports Net Southwest 80 Games 2014
RADIO: KRLD-AM 1080 (English) 162 Games 2005
RADIO: KESS-AM 1270 (Spanish) 162 Games  
Announcers: Josh Lewin (KDFW, KDFI, FSN-SW), Scott Franzke (KRLD), Eric Nadel (KRLD), Vince Cotroneo (KRLD, KDFW, KDFI, FSN-SW), Tom Grieve (KDFW, KDFI, FSN-SW), Edgar Lopez (KESS)    

Toronto Blue Jays - A.L. East
FREE TV: CBC 15 Games 2002
CABLE TV: Rogers Sportsnet 90 Games (with option for 16 more) (Rogers Comm. owns the Blue Jays)
CABLE TV: The Sports Network (TSN) 22 Games 2004
RADIO: CJCL-AM 590 (English) 162 Games 2003
Announcers: Tom Cheek(CHUM), Jerry Howarth (CHUM), Brian Williams (CBC), Rod Black (TSN), Pat Tabler (TSN), Rob Faulds (Rogers-SN), John Cerutti (Rogers-SN)    

2002 Major League Baseball Media Dirctory compiled by:
Robert Smathers, roberts@nmia.com. Last Updated: October 2, 2002