Final 1999 Albuquerque Dukes Roster 
compiled from various sources by Robert Smathers (

Manager:  Mike Scioscia
Pitching Coach: Dean Trainor
Hitting Coach:  Mickey Hatcher
Trainer: Matt Wilson

[ "DL" means the player is either on the Disabled List or Inactive List ]

Garvin Alston
Robbie Beckett
Doug Bochtler (DL)
Shawn Boskie (DL?)
Andy Croghan        
Ignacio Flores (DL)
Hal Garrett 
Ricardo Jordan  (DL?)
Jeff Kubenka
Gavin Osteen
Johnny Ruffin
Ricky Stone
Neil Weber
David West (DL?)

Hector Ortiz
Angel Pena (DL)
David Steed (DL)
Rick Wilkins

Roberto Mejia (DL?)
Adam Riggs 
Chance Sanford

Eric Anthony (DL)
Wes Chamberlain
Brent Cookson
Shawn Gilbert
Kevin Grijak
Warren Newson
DaRond Stovall