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Outlandish Coin (above)

In 2001, I was honored to be featured on the medallain for Grand Outlandish Tourney. It was done in an Anglo-Saxon style by Mistress Sarah de Montgomerie. I was totally unaware this was happening until my Squire Eldonerick pointed it out to his poor old knight. Thanks, al-Barran.

St. Martin Medallian (above)

For the St. Martin Day Tourney I provided medallians to the fighters who participated in and crossed arms with me one that day. These were based on a pratial pilgrams badge found in London.



I am Ray Moseley and live and work in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I turned 40 and decided to get a real job. I work as an Electronic Technician for the United States Postal Service. I have spent most of that time working graveyard shift. I have finally gotten enough senority to work days. This has allowed me to again enjoy my avocation of SCA merchant by starting this web page.

I am married to Barbara and have a daughter Katie who is working as a Nurse.

In the Society for Creative Ananchronism (SCA)

I was Knighted by King Robert Roundpounder of Atenveldt for my fighting skills of 29 years ago. Time does pass.

I have received the Order of the Laurel for my artistic abilities.

I have received the Order of the Pelican for my administrative work in the SCA.

AElflaed of Duckford sent this:

You got a Pelican for the service of providing the finest ever information to people with your publications.

That's not administration. That's unique, profound, direct service.


You were a pelican before I was, but that's the glowing speech made behind

your back in those days, and I certainly believed it then, as The Pleasure

Book was most people's SCA bible, and I certainly believe it now too. And

Medieval Spread and the cookbook that followed, and the Hammer collections,

although those were after you were a Pelican, only enhanced that reputation

and reality for providing people what they needed to be really good SCAfolk.




I am the Founding Baron of al-Barran

I have the Order of the Walker of the Way of the Outlands, the Light of Atenvedt and the Scorpion of al-Barran

I have been Kingdom Chronicler of both the Kingdoms of Atenveldt and the Kingdom of the Outlands.

I am proud to belong the the Kingdom of the Outlands and the Barony of al-Barran.

We have a tradition in the Outlands of Supporting the Marines Toys for Tots Program. We have a tourney once a year and raise toys for them. This year the Barony of al-Barran raised 774 toys

Me with my Sutton Hoo Armor in the Toys for Tots Tourney

The Marine Sargent with some of the toys bagged up and ready for his van. We totally filled his van. Next year we told him to bring a duce and a half!

I also belong to a 15th C. Tourney Society The Knights of St. Martin. We are dedicated to charity work in the Outlands.

Here I am at our first tourney with Robyn de Rohan (my daughter's) help

My friend Sir Bohemond

Raymond's Quiet Press

The need for Raymond's Quiet Press grew out of my early experience with the SCA. Many years ago there was little information easily available about the SCA, how to participate, how to start a group and the way the SCA operated. The Press published several How-To books and manuals.

In 1979 I made a trip to England and was very disappointed by the lack of medieval jewelry that was available. On returning home I vowed to make low cost representations of medieval jewelry available to people in the SCA.

I am still enjoying my time in the SCA and hope this web page will inspire and allow me to continue my efforts to improve the game for all.

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