Horns - Two new patterns from Denmark (left) and from Soderby-Karl, Uppland, Sweden (right) and one based on a Viking Lover's piece (center)

Note: All horns will be sent insured due to loss of seveal horns after delivery. You will have to go to the post office and sign for the package if no one is present to sign for them. Horns sent to foreign address will be charged for the additional charges - usually about $10.


Drinking horns are made based on various period horns. They are sealed with Bee's Wax. You cannot drink hot beverages with them. Prices range from $35 to $1000.


Each Horn is an individual. There are no pairs or matched sets. Below are pictures of the horns currently available. They are pictures of the actual horns. First come, first served.

Large Horns -


Horn #621 - Sutton Hoo with tip - $470.00




Small Horns - Less than 18" in length generally longer than 16" We now have both Yellow and Red Brass!



Horn #HN-625 - Celtic Sprials - 1 clip - $42.00





Horn #HN-624 - Dog and Fowl - 1 clip - $42.00





Horn #HN-623 - Viking Lovers - 1 clip - $42.00




That is all the horns we currently have in stock

We also offer a hanger for the horns to be able to wear small horns on your belt.

B-27 $12.95

Horn Tips - Order one with a horn and I will put it on for you!

We also offer a tip for the horns

Y-34 $14.95 - 3" long with a 5/8" opening (7.3 cm by 1.5 cm) From a Russian Grave find.


We also offer a tip for the horns

HE1 $12.95 - 2 1/8" long with a 3/8" opening

We also offer tips for the horns.

HE2 $9.95 - 1 1/4" long with 7/16" opening

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