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10/27/06--Dare I say it! The record sleeves for the A Ripple in Time LP have shipped from the California plant and should arrive at their destination, Chicago, by early next week. From there they will go to the distributors so with any luck we should have a release very soon!

9/22/06--We have received many queries as to why we didn't include a song-by-song description in the liner notes of Orphan in the Storm explaining the circumstances and emotions that led to each composition as we did in the notes of Fire of Life. The answer was that due to the length of the liner booklet of that album already, the extra pages would have increased it to an unwieldy thickness for a CD. The other option would have been to reduce the already small type to an even smaller size, which would have made it much more difficult to read. Robert had a great idea recently that for those interested we could include those descriptive explanations on our site. Thus, we will soon add a new feature to this website, prefacing the songs of each album in detail.

9/22/06--The production of Changes' A Ripple in Time LP is getting close to completion and we are anxiously awaiting its release.

8/28/06--Changes performed at Liam's Irish Pub in Colton, California on Saturday, August 26, 2006, which was ironically one year to the day from when they performed in Portland in 2005 (it really wasn't planned that way). A report of the show can be found in Concerts.

6/25/06--The long awaited LP A Ripple in Time is scheduled to
be released on August 26 to coincide with the Colton, California
performance and release party!

6/14/06--New review by Compulsion of the Twilight 7 inch posted.
Click on "Info" (above) > "In the Spotlight" >Twilight reviews

On Saturday August 26, Changes will be performing at Liam's Irish Pub,
in Colton, California at 10:00 p.m.
More information and links on the "Concerts" page!

5/18/06--New "Gauntlet/Rose" T-shirt design announced.

4/14/06--It is with mixed emotions that we have received news that today is HEIMDALLR's final update of their informative and valuable web magazine ( Sorrowfully we say goodbye to further information, interviews and reviews of concerts, albums and musical groups. (Europa Aeterna a wonderful LP was recently released by Heimdallr. A fine compilation of great performers performing excellent music.) But happily we see this also as a move of our dear friends Nathalie F. and Ian to pursue further interests and adventures in their life. One such thing is their record label Autre Que from which a beautiful premiere release of the beautiful O Paradis 7 inch occurred in 2005. This marvelous 7 inch is sumptuously packaged and beautifully produced.
(Read more about and order Europa Aeterna and O Paradis at
Our very best wishes to Nathalie an Ian in all of their future endeavors!

3/28/06--The Men Among the Ruins memoirs posted!

3/11/06--Pre-production work in process for Men Among the Ruins, the Allerseelen/Changes split CD which will be released in Russia

3/10/06--A Ripple in Time LP now in production!

2/1/06--Changes Merchandise Shoppe opens.

11/20/05 (Sunday)--Final show of the Men Among the Ruins Tour performed in Moscow, Russia

11/12/05 (Saturday)--The Men Among the Ruins Tour begins in Sintra, Portugal

11/15/05--Changes European tour information posted in "Concerts"

8/29/05--Enthusiastic audience "shakes the rafters" of the fine Alberta Street Public House during the Changes/Walteufel performance in Portland.

8/5/05--CHANGES will be performing with WALTEUFEL in Portland, Oregon, Friday, August 26! 21+, $9
Alberta Street Public House, 1036 NE Alberta, Portland, Oregon 503-284-7665
Performance begins at 10:00 p.m.

5/5/05--Twilight 7 inch now available through HauRuck!

3/27/05--Blood Axis/Changes/The Lindbergh Baby/Dream Into Dust concert performed in NYC at a great venue to a great audience!

3/13/05-- I must apologize for the long absence of updates due to major technical difficulties! Thank you for your patience!

Changes will be appearing in concert with Blood Axis and Dream Into Dust in New York City on the evening of Sunday, March 27, 2005! More information available at

Release of "Twilight" 7 inch containing "rocking" versions of three Changes songs scheduled for release on May 2, 2005.

12/15/04--Changes double-live LP "Hero Takes His Stand" released by Neue-Aesthetik.

12/01/04--"Orphan in the Storm" LP & CD albums released on the HauRuck! label and distributed by TESCO!

6/30/2004 - Art Gallery With New Pics!!

5/24/2004 - Changes Online Forums Now Open!

4/4/2004 - Tour diary/article from Nicholas posted! Pics up soon!

2/28/2004 - 2 Concerts In March!

10/09/2003 - Changes To Play Chicago!

6/15/2003 - More Concerts Being Arranged!

6/12/2003 - Changes Has Played First Concert Overseas!

5/30/2003 - Changes Online Artwork Gallery Open, To Some Extent


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