Fire of Life



Read about what inspired these songs and order this lavish CD!

Orphan in the Storm

Released byHauRuck! and available through TESCO Distribution
in both CD and LP formats!

Review of Orphan in the Storm by Todd DePalma originally posted on Chronicles of

Listen to a sound clip of "Aphrodite" (Mp3 700k)
which has been featured on the compilation HauRuck!, presented by L'ame electrique!

A Ripple in Time (LP) & (CD)



An Aural and Visual Wonder! Complete with 3D Graphic Imagery!

The Ballad of Robert de Bruce LP
Changes' Opus!! Produced by Robert Ferbrache and Changes!
With participation of Michael and Annabel Moynihan!

Hero Takes His Stand Image

Hero Takes His Stand Double Live LP.

Twilight 7 inch

Twilight 7 inch
"Rocking" versions of three Changes songs ("Twilight", "Icarus", and "Waiting for the Fall")

Time (Small)

Time 10-Inch Vinyl

Changes/Cadaverous Condition collaboration!

Terra Fria MCD

Changes/Andrew King Terra Fria MCD

Men Among the Ruins
(Changes/Allerseelen split CD)

Other Compilations


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