Hero Takes His Stand

"Hero Takes His Stand"

Double Live LP in a sumptuosly printed gatefold jacket. Pressed on red vinyl.

Chronicles Changes' performance at the Flammenzauber 4 (2004) festival.

Song List:

1. Fire of Life

2. R. I. P. Van Winkle's Pipe Dream

3. Embarkation/Sailor's Song

4. The Saddest Thing

5. Icarus

6. Legends (Eddic)

7. Song of Pan

8. Somewhere in the Night

9. Aphrodite

10. Memorabilia

11. Orphan in the Storm

12. Sweet Eve

13. Never So True

14. Bleeding Out Your Feelings Evermore

15. Summer

16. Twilight of the West

17. Waiting For the Fall

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