The packaging of this album must be touched and seen to be believed.
The high quality gatefold sleeve is manufactured of heavy cardboard with a
satin paper laminate constructed as record sleeves were in the '60s and '70s.
The front cover logos are embossed and the Changes/Barbed Heart design
is foiled in either metallic purple or gold. A limited edition of 777 copies!

Contains several previously unrecorded early Changes songs with updated
arrangements, plus three new songs ("Somewhere in the Night" and the
"Paradiso" and "Eldorado" instrumentals). Pressed on white vinyl.

Song List:

Side one:

1. Déjà Vu (newly recorded version of the song included on the Changes/Cadaverous Condition split 10 inch)

2. Angel of Love

3. Wedding Song

4. Wedding Song (Instrumental)

5. Another Day

6. Paradiso (Instrumental)

7. Somewhere in the Night

Side two:

1. Ripples to a Pond

2. Juarez

3. Autumn Day

4. Eldorado (Instrumental)

5. Candle Light

6. Book of Misery