Liner Notes for

Men Among the Ruins
Changes/Allerseelen Split

[Since it was pointed out that this is our first release that doesn't include the lyrics of our songs, we will include the lyrics on this page.]

Note: We have invited Gerhard (Allerseelen) to write a few words for his half of the split but due to his very busy schedule it isn't possible at this time. Hopefully, he will later add to these notes.

[Note: Nicholas's notes in gold text]

We Went To Find The Sun:
This was a lyric I wrote sometime in the early 1970s. I consider this as one of Changes' psychedelic folk ballads. Though there are no sitars ringing and droning in the background I consider this a psychedelic song insomuch as it was composed under the influence of psychedelics. It is a perfect exposition of the way the thought process often works on psychedelics. A meandering flow of conscious thought, where one thought ends and another begins almost on the same thought but travels on free flow into another image or subject, creating a surreal mindscape.

It wasn't until recently that Nicholas composed the melody to the song which really embellished the words. I liked it immediately upon hearing his music.

Unique in style from my other guitar accompaniments and melodies, which are either finger picked in arpeggiation, using a flat pick to "scratch" a lead melody within a chord accompaniment or straight strumming of the chords, this song consists of several single note leads interspersed among the strummed chords. This single note technique which seems almost lonely and desolate was my impression of the surreal dreamlike quality of Robert's fine lyrics. Some very strong and powerful imagery such as, "As I hovered in the shadow of the soul that you'd once had" and "And the clocks were spinning backwards, subtracting from our lives", give me the feeling of being transported (without psychedelics) into a painting by the immortal Salvador Dalí and I had hoped to impart this feeling into the music of the song.

Don Quixote (Instrumental):
I had had several e-mail conversations with Gerhard (of Allerseelen) of the several facets of the character that Miguel de Cervantes created in Don Quixote. Though the misadventures of Don Quixote and his fervent imagination seem almost zany, there are many allegorical comparisons to be made with several figures throughout history even to the present day. Because of these conversations I was inspired to compose this instrumental piece. Much of the music depicts the pomp and fanfare of a "knight errant" embarking on his "dangerous" mission or arriving home as a hero after battling the "enemy" while the lighter parts of the song express the romantic side of the character combined with his humorous facet.

The Poet:
This was sort of an autobiographical ballad lyric, but also was inspired by other poets who were associates and friends at the time it was written. Nicholas set it to a very nice Celtic sounding melody (or at least that is what it sounds like for me).

As with another of our songs entitled "Déjà Vu" (A Ripple in Time notes), I composed initial music to "The Poet" in the very early years of Changes. When exploring our early songs to take to the studio for the A Ripple in Time album, I didn't feel that the initial version of my music really enhanced the powerful lyrics about the solitary existence of a man with the powers of the poetic muse coursing through his blood. Thus, I later undertook a personal task of rewriting the music. Though this version is very Celtic in the traditional sense, the melody I created better tells the story of the man who is "never coming back to where he's been".

-- R. N. Taylor
December 14, '06


Lyrics by R. N. Taylor
Music by Nicholas Tesluk

And we went to find the sun,
And we found it very red.
And we sought to find the end,
To where it all begins.

But we never found it there,
'Cause it never really was.
And that's when I found myself,
In the song that you had sung.

Though you sang it very well,
I was feeling sort of sad,
As I hovered in the shadow,
Of the soul that you'd once had.

And your footsteps echoed on,
Through the hallways of my mind.
And your voice seemed far and distant,
As though from another time.

And we talked and sipped our tea,
In the garden by the sea.
And the church bells spaced out grayly,
In the morning's memory.

And the clocks were spinning backwards,
Subtracting from our lives.
But the end to the beginning,
Wasn't ever ours to find.


Lyrics by R. N. Taylor
Music by Nicholas Tesluk

He's a dreamer, he's a poet
When your eyes meet you will know it
Just like gazing through the windows of his soul.

He's got visions, he's got rainbows
He's got places where his mind goes
And he's never coming back to where he's been.

He's there with you in the nighttime,
But his thoughts are for tomorrow,
And he's marking off his moments in lifetimes, not in years.

So don't try to keep him with you,
For the mountains echo softly,
Sing of peace and sing of freedom that he'll find.

For if one can't live among men,
He'll be better off without them.
In a world where one can always be alone.

So in solitude you'll find him,
Watching sunsets fade behind him,
And he's never coming back to where he's been.
No he's never coming back to where he's been.

And it's getting time for him to turn and go.

Both songs copyright 2006 Twilight Lands Music