Review of the "A Ripple in Time" LP taken from Kyle Wright's "Top Releases of 2006"
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A Ripple in Time

CHANGES - A Ripple In Time // LP // WhiteLabel
I haven't been so keen or up-to-date on many of the most recent neofolk efforts, but the new album from Changes certainly caught my attention! Beautifully packaged in a luxurious gatefold sleeve, "A Ripple In Time" is a recent recording of mostly old (yet never released) songs. This is already a big plus for me: I have always preferred the older Changes lyrics, especially the more mysterious and psychedelic ones. The music is very direct, lively, and inspired. Nicholas' guitar-playing is exceptional and Robert's vocals fit the mood as always. A handful of instrumental songs are also present, one of which (to my surprise) is mostly piano. Changes' unique (though more traditional) style surpasses so much of what is currently being produced in the neofolk scene today. Like "Fire Of Life" the songs somehow manage to be both sorrowful yet oddly uplifting. The production, mix, and vinyl presentation works wonderfully for this recording and these songs in particular. An amazing and moving listening experience -- and certainly the finest release yet from Changes!