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This is a review conducted by FluxEuropa Magazine in late 1999, early 2000, when "Legends" was released.


1999 TPRT-1 CD

Legends is devoted to heroic myths, legends and history. The CD insert displays its creators: the energetic and multi-talented Robert Taylor - who appears ever more Merlin-like, cousin Nicholas Tesluk and studio engineer and musician Robert Ferbrache. The first release on Robert's Taproot label, the album is an extended ballad in six parts: 'Homeric', 'The Aeneid', 'Eddic', 'Song of Igor', 'Arthurian' and 'El Cid'.

Robert wrote the original poem in the winter of 1969-70, with Nicholas providing the music soon after. As Robert added new sections, Nicholas produced variant melodies based on the same theme. The album is cast in Changes' distinctive 60s/70s 'contemporary folk' style, but the period associations run deeper than just the musical form.

As Robert himself explains in the notes, the poem is an authentic product of the 60s/70s upsurge in cultural rootedness which manifested itself in the popularity of Tolkien, and interest in heroic fantasy art, re-enactment societies, witchcraft and the occult, pre-Raphaelite art, early music and role-playing games.

RIK - 10 January 2000

LEGENDS CD is available for $11 ppd USA through the Changes website (secure Pay Pal order) www.nmia.com/~thermite in the "Merchandise Shoppe".