A Review of

A Ripple in Time

by Simon V. of Filth Forge


"A Ripple In Time"

White Label - 2006

LP - 700 cpies

Folk noir forefathers Changes are back with a new release after the wonderful and much acclaimed "Orphan In The Storm". This new limited-edition LP sees the light under the banners of White Label, and comes in a luxurious gatefold sleeve with either golden or purple foiling on the cover, while the vinyl can be found in either white or blue. "A Ripple In Time" was born as a collection of Changes' very early songs that never previously saw the light in any form, but soon Robert Taylor and Nicholas Tesluk decided to go back into the studio and record them again, thus reflecting more accurately the present style of their music. Together with these early titles, three new compositions have been included.

It is possible to see two different lyrical approaches on the songs of the LP, each respectively gathered on one of the vinyl's sides. Side one contains classic love songs, dealing with the topic in either a melancholic or positive way: "Déjà Vu" opens the album with nostalgic memories of a long-lost love, while "Angel Of Love" and "Wedding Song" are very positive and strong in their celebration of the union of feelings and thoughts between man and woman. The only "Another Day" is a reflection on man's limited existence, thus returning to the doomy moods the American duo is famous for. "Somewhere In The Night", which closes this side, is alone worth the purchase of the record, so epic, beautiful and perfect it sounds, a celebration of intense sensual passion immediately standing out among Changes' greatest hits.

Side Two, not by chance distinguished by a black central sticker, shifts into darker and gloomier atmospheres, telling sad stories of ordinary life with delicate touch. While "Ripples To A Pond", is a celebration of spring coming, with all the hopes connected, "Juarez" portrays a greedy and cold-hearted old woman who's experiencing all the coldness and loneliness caused by her past actions, while "Autumn Day" paints a chilling landscape full of atmospheres dear to Edgar A. Poe. "Candle Light" and "Book Of Misery", finally, are resigned and almost desperate images of solitude, the latter resulting from the departure of a friend. But, it's another of the new songs to strike the listener's attention the most, instrumental "Eldorado", an epic, magnificent crescendo for acoustic guitar sounding like the hymn of pioneers and adventurers leaving to conquer the new world. It's incredible to realize how in 2007 it's still possible to be blown away by the amount of burning passion you feel in a "simple" guitar instrumental!

"A Ripple In Time" is another essential chapter in Changes' legendary career. If you loved "Fire Of Life" and "Orphan In The Storm", don't hesitate to get hold of this new LP. This is no martial WWII folk, no sampled propaganda speeches here, just two hearts putting their most authentic feelings in a music someone may call "simple", but that actually needs much more than two chords to be made. True folk noir for these decadent times.

- Simon V.