Review of

A Ripple in Time

by Julian Cope

Reprinted from Head Heritage

But onwards now to my monthly mouth-off about contemporary rock'n'roll, for the current underground scene still continues to barf out umpteen epics per month defiant in the face of those so-called rebels who whore their way into people's hearts via TV commercials. Flying as high above such indelicate opportunism as it's possible to do are the American folk duo Changes, whose exquisite new album A RIPPLE IN TIME has a timelessness about it similar to the late '60s band Kaleidescope. This is possibly because the voice of Changes singer Robert Taylor is highly reminiscent of Kaleidescope's David Lindley but more likely because this pair have themselves been working together since way back then. I've heard much of their material over the years, and always been transfixed by the purity of their songs. It's as though they mine some seam of music so simple that no other artist has ever considered it, although Changes' sound has really informed many of the so-called 'dark folk' bands of recent years, such as Werkraum and Cadaverous Condition. This new Changes album is a vinyl-only affair on stunning white vinyl, released on the White Label in a superb gatefold sleeve.

JULIAN (Lord Yatesbury)
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