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Changes - Twilight 7"

Monday, July 18 2005 @ 01:00 AM PST
Contributed by: Wolff

The complex intro of “Twilight” has been lushly orchestrated by Bob Ferbrache’s addition of various keyboards and electric guitars, complementing and emphasizing its shifting dynamics, whereas for the rest of the song an organ dominates. Michael Moynihan of BLOOD AXIS, who “discovered” CHANGES back in the early 90’s, is given the honor of contributing vocals to this ultimate Spenglerian ballad.

Classic Folk Rock Noir

Artist: Changes

Title: Twilight 7”

Label: HauRuck!

Genre: Classic Folk Rock Noir

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Hau Ruck


The sleeve of this newest in a spate of CHANGES releases instantly captured my attention through its cover. The trademark lettering and almost garish sunset colors give the impression of looking at a typical fantasy cover by YES or some similar outfit. Looking closely, though, there are no mythical beasts and floating islands to be found, only ruins. A perfect image to communicate the “message” of these three songs, which combined stand as a powerful indictment of the present state of civilization. Its release on vinyl is also perfect as the songs are at once steeped in the Folk Rock aethestics of the 70s while also being strangely timeless and classic.

All compositions on this thick slab of vinyl have appeared on the band’s last acoustic full-length Orphans in the Storm, but are here presented in fuller, orchestrated versions.

The other side consists of electrified versions of “Icarus” and “Waiting for the Fall” which manage to “rock out” quite nicely through the addition of tasteful drumming. Other accents include choral sounds and electric guitars reminiscent of the orchestrations that Ferbrache has done for BLOOD AXIS.

Almost needless to say, this receives my highest recommendations.

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