CAD drawings and photos of the C-25 project.

What is a C-25?

It was the class name given by the Denver & Rio Grande Western RR to a single engine, a 2-8-0 built by Baldwin.  In Baldwin's classification, it was a "10 30-E", construction number 21757, delivered in 1903 to the Crystal River RR in Colorado. It was a large engine for a 3-foot gauge locomotive, and could pull a lot of freight in mountainous territory. Its tractive effort (25000 pounds, the basis of the "25" in the class designation) was almost that of the well-known K-27 class, or Mudhens. Consequently, the C-25 was known affectionately as the Baby Mudhen by the D&RGW trainmen.

I am working on a live steam model of the C-25 in 1:20 scale. As source material, I am using photographs from the Denver Public Library's Western Collection, Al Armitage's drawings in the Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette, Dell McCoy's book Crystal River Pictorial, Baldwin drawings from the DeGolyer Collection at Southern Methodist University, as well as other general references such as the drawings of the similar K-27 class from Model Railroader magazine and Meyer's Modern Locomotive Construction (republ. by Lindsay Publications).

Crystal River No. 103 (D&RGW No. 375 as built)
Crystal River No. 103 (D&RGW No. 375, as built)
While it might seem odd to produce a model of a prototype with only one example, the C-25 was in fact a standard Baldwin design, which was sold to many railroads across the country. There is at least one surviving example of this type of engine, owned by the Railway & Locomotive Historical Society's Southern California chapter. (Photo.) This engine is still pretty much as it was built. The Quincy & Torch Lake no. 6, which was built from the same drawings, is another. It survives, in very poor condition, at the Pine Creek RR in Allaire State Park, NJ.  Similar engines, in either 3-foot or meter gauge, were sold to narrow gauge railroads throughout North, Central and South America.  Thus, this engine could be detailed and lettered for any number of roads.

The completed parts shown have been laser cut from mild steel, for the most part. I am working on patterns for the tender trucks, to be cast in a tin-lead-antimony alloy or brass. I have patterns completed for the driving wheels, and am experimenting with various metals to have them cast.

Some of the drawings and pictures which follow are presented, for the time being, without narrative. They are merely a visual diary of my progress to date. Your comments, questions and thoughts are warmly welcomed. 

Family Photo Gallery

General Erection view of C-25

C-25 cab sheets (drawing)

C-25 cab (photo)

C-25 frame (drawing)

C-25 frame (photo)

C-25 tender sheets (drawing)

C-25 tender trucks

C-25 driving wheels (drawing and photo)

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