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Ruby projects from 2001 International Small-Scale Steamup

Here are some photos I took at the 2001 International Small-Scale Steamup in Diamondhead, Mississippi.  All images are reduced on this page; click on the image to see it full size.
Kevin Strong's 2-4-2 Allison was the undisputed beauty contest winner.  (Well, there wasn't an actual contest, but this engine would have won.)  My photo doesn't show the beautiful green of the paint job, alas.
Kevin Strong's Allison
Here's the pilot of Allison, showing the color, the pilot, and the fancy portrait on the side of the oil-burning lamp.
Mike McCormack has a thing for Forneys, and has converted many different locos to the Forney configuration.  This year, he brought two, originally a Roundhouse Millie and this Ruby.  His shops always paint locos a satin black from bow to stern, which gives them a clean industrial look as well as a "family resemblance" despite their different origins.
Don Dubuc brought this Ruby.  It's a simple conversion, adding a tender from a Hemmens Porter.
John Riley's Forney conversion was simple and effective.  The toolbox lid opens to reveal the antenna for the radio control system hidden in the bunker.
I took along Miss Ruth Hill, my tender engine, as well as this prototype for a Forney conversion kit.
FH&PB Forney prototype

Unfortunately, there were probably twice as many Rubies at the steamup that I didn't get good photos of.  The designer's intent to make the Ruby a good target for modification has surely been successful!

After comparing Allison to many, many Rubies during the DH steamup, I am left with one burning question: Why haven't the rest of us painted our cylinders?  I feel pretty dull now, having seen how much difference that simple change made.  Let's get with it, folks, and paint those ugly cylinders!

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