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* The New Mexico Ham Newsletter, Issue #1, December 1970 *

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Silent Key

Albuquerque, NM

January, 2019


Silent Key

Moab, UT

October 4, 2018


Silent Key

Aztec, NM

Sept. 28, 2018


Silent Key

Alamagordo, NM

August 5, 2018


Silent Key

Van Buren, AR

July 29, 2018


Silent Key

Morgan, UT

May 19, 2018


Silent Key

Cañon City, CO

March, 2018


Silent Key

Salida, CO

February, 2018

Major Solar Flare from SOHO satelite, 1950 UTC, Nov. 4, 2003

The High Noon Net meets daily on 7.240 MHz at 12:00 Noon, Mountain Time (that's 1900 UTC Winter/1800 UTC Summer).

The High Noon Net is a traffic net, registered with the ARRL, a member of The National Traffic System, and is a directed net. Members and visitors are welcome to check in with or without traffic.

To become a member of the net, a station must check in 8 times in a 30 day period, then advise the net control. To remain on the roll, a station must check in at least 4 times a month.

High Noon Net Rogue's Gallery, take a look at some pictures of a few of the net members.

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Radio Amateur's TFC School (how to pass traffic)

Key to "HX_" Handling Instructions

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X-Ray Flux & D-Region Absorbtion

3-day GEOS X-ray Flux Monitor

6-hour GEOS X-ray Flux Monitor

D-Region Absorption Prediction

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For more information about the net, contact:

 The High Noon Net Manager

Send in your photos and ideas - email or snail mail.

Bill Savage - N5FLD
1856 Patton Rd SW
Albuquerque, NM 87105-4830

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