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Net Prep: Check e-mail for roster changes, check solar indicies and Net Control Schedule prior to taking pre-net check-ins.

Calling the High Noon net, calling the High Noon Net. This is amateur radio station _________, my name is _________, I am located in ______________. This net is registered with the ARRL, is a member of the National Traffic System, and, is a directed net. The High Noon Net meets daily on 7.240 MHz +/- at 1200 hours Mountain time for the purpose of handling traffic. Any general class or higher station may get on the roll by checking into the net eight times in a thirty-day period. To remain on the roll he must check in four times every calendar month. If you must leave early, please advise net control. Late members and visitors will be picked up at the end of roll call.

Is there any emergency or priority traffic?

Any mobiles or emergency powered stations?

Any traffic listings, formal or informal?

Are there any QSTs?

Ask for volunteers for any days needing NCS (hit browser refresh button to get latest changes).

The solars are:____, ____, ____.

[Call the Roll]

Any late or missed members?

Any visitors?

[Dedpnding on conditions, maybe ask for relays]

Any further business for the net.

Net Control tomorow will be ________.

[Close the net with UTC and Mountain Time.]


The net report for [day/date] is [count (a)], [formals (b)], [informals (c)] & [time (d)].

(a) The count is the total number of checkins, members + visitors, early, during roll call and late.

(b) Formals include normal written traffic, 1 for the solar report, net report, net maintenance and health and welfare. In addition, if a formal has to be relayed by a third party it will count as 2 formals.

(c) Informals are contacts made between net checkins, either on or moved off the net frequency.

(d) Time is the number of minutes from the start of the regular net (not the early portion) to the close of the net.

Keep Rosters Until The End Of The Month

K0RP will send a list of potential drops, stations that have not checked in enough times in the month, along with the dates that they checked in. Check this list agains your roster and let him know of any additional check-ins from any of the stations. Thanks.