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Why is this Page called Eucharistia

I am a convert. I entered the Catholic Church my sophomore year at the Easter Vigil service April 17, 1965 in the chapel at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge Massachusetts. On May 2nd, I was confirmed at Holy Cross Cathedral in Boston Massachusetts. In those days, and perhaps today as well, we were supposed to pick a saint's name as our confirmation name. I didn't have a devotion to any particular saint but I did love the Blessed Sacrament. I decided I wanted my confirmation name to be in honor of the Blessed Sacrament.

I "made up" the name Eucharistia. At the time I thought it wasn't a real word but rather a derivitive of the word Eucharist. However in 1971 I taught myself New Testament Greek and I discovered that "eucharistia" is a real Greek word.

The word Eucharistia means "thanksgiving." and is derived from 'eu' meaning 'good' and 'charis' meaning grace. It is number 2169 in Strong's Concordance. It occurs 14 times in the New Testament. Click on the reference to see the verse from Biblegateway (Sometimes the connection to Bible Gateway is flakey. Keep trying.)

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