Welcome to our Aerial Archaeology website. Here we hope to make both archaeologists and the general public more aware of the past and present contributions of this lofty pursuit to the art and science of archaeology.

On this website we will try to publicize aerial archaeology (a.k.a. "remote sensing") projects anywhere in the world, and provide links to other, related World Wide Web sites. Since our home base is Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, in the heart of the American Southwest, you may detect a slant toward the archaeology of this area, where the prehistoric Anasazi, Mogollon, and Hohokam, as well as the nomadic Athabaskan tribes left so many evidences of their cultures.

Contributions Welcome! Our e-mail address is jaybird@nmia.com.

Our postal mailing address is: 40 Kuhn Drive, Tijeras, New Mexico 87059
(phone. 505-281-1775)

Any questions or comments about the site are also welcome.

Happy landings,

Elise (Lee) Baker
Chief Pilot, Baker Aero

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