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Cerro Juanaqueña

(You are looking straight down from the aircraft at a hilltop)

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Cerro Juanaqueña is the largest of the Late Archaic cerros de trincheras. The circular, upper portion of the site is 320 meters by 240 meters in size, and within that area virtually every square meter has been modified by the construction of walls and terraces. It is estimated that construction of these features involved moving over 40,000 tons of material. The site is dated by over 40 projectile points, 38 of which are types diagnostic of the Late Archaic Period. There is no pottery on the site, but a variety of other stone artifacts reflect a wide range of day-to-day activities. It is not known why these features were built on isolated hills, or even what exact functions they served. At Cerro Juanaqueña there is a tight grouping of features centered on the summit of the hill, and another band of terraces near its base.

-- John Roney