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The Secret of Aerial Archaeology

Photos showing the difference between ground and aerial views:
Ground photo of a person standing in a field of rocks

Aerial view of the same field, showing the true pattern

Ground photo of a buried pueblo (town) site, showing ground clutter

Aerial photo of the same site, showing the layout of the buried town


Aerial Archaeology in Mexico: the Casas Grandes/Cerros de Trincheras Aerial Photo Expedition

Map showing distribution of Cerros de Trincheras sites

Vertical aerial photographs of cerros de trincheras (entrenched mountain) archaeological sites:
Cerro Vidal (showing concentric stone rings around a hilltop)

Cerro Juanaqueña (showing stone rings and terracing)

Cerro El Gallo (showing stone rings around a hill)

Mysteries of Chaco: The Aerial Perspective

Map showing the ancient Chaco culture area

Aerial photo of Pueblo Bonito ruin in Chaco Canyon

Aerial photo of a Chaco aureola (mystery circle)

Technical Discussions: What makes an archaeological site visible from the air?

Aerial Photos:
Shadow sites: Pueblo She'

Vegetation patterns: Sapawe Pueblo

Ground colors and textures: Mystery stone designs

Historical Notes: The 1927 Aerial Photography of a Wisconsin Effigy Mound

Plan view of the Wehmhoff effigy mound.

1927 Aerial Photo of the Wehmhoff Effigy Mound

Man in biplane, showing difficulty of shooting a camera through struts

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